Where is Shopify’s Marketplace?

Arthur Freydin
1 min readNov 23, 2022

I know there’s a ton of challenges to this, but why hasn’t Shopify created its own marketplace yet?

So hear me out on this.

They created the Shop app, right? And it has all of their stores on there and you could add stuff to cart, but checkout is still done separately through each store.

Why hasn’t Shopify given merchants an option to submit their products to the global Shopify marketplace and take it further?

Create the marketplace, market it like crazy. Spend real money to market it. And we know Shopify has it. Allow advertisers or allow merchants to advertise on the platform.

They have a crazy opportunity; a tremendous opportunity to create a product marketplace that really rivals Amazon.

Imagine if they can boost up this marketplace, allow advertisers to sponsor the products on there. I think a lot of advertisers that have been forced to sell on Amazon because it’s the only major marketplace around will start pulling some of their, skus from Amazon and sell them directly on this Shopify marketplace.



Arthur Freydin

Arthur Freydin is a New York-based performance marketer and entrepreneur. specializing in e-commerce brand growth.